What is BarCamp Madison?

BarCamp Madison is an open-format conference where the attendees are the presenters. Our subject matter will be directly tied to what ideas people bring to share with the community. Most of the rooms will be equipped with projectors if participants would like to give a slide presentation. Discussion groups, round tables, Q&A, brainstorming together are also options. ABSOLUTELY NO SALES PITCHES!

A typical day at BarCamp Madison goes something like this...

From 9am to 10am, attendees plan the schedule on a large grid. We'll have post-it notes at the ready. Write your session title on the note and choose a room and time slot. We will provide a blank form to enter in all of the sessions that you would like to attend for the day. We will kick off after a brief welcome message from the organizers.

Sessions will last throughout the day with a break for lunch. Don't be surprised if you get into some great hallway conversations that take the place of a session. This is a day for learning and socializing, so have a good time and get to know your community!

BarCamp Explained By BarCamp Orlando

Don't be scared of speaking!

Speaking sessions are typically 45 minutes, but if 15 minutes feels better for you, then no problem! Speaking at BarCamp is not scary. It's a non-judgmental crowd that wants to hear you speak. Everyone has something to teach, and everyone wants to learn.

Speaking Formula

Speaking for 45 minutes isn't hard! Start with a 3 minute intro on who you are & what you do. Follow this with an 33 minute talk and a 2 minute closing statement. Then finish it off with a 7 minutes of questions and answers. See? That's not so scary! See that's not so scary!

Talk Topic Ideas

  • What marketing works?
  • Do a demo of your favorite photoshop techniques.
  • Trends in web design
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Social Media
  • How you've failed at something and why.
  • Photography Tips
  • Your favorite movies and why.
  • What makes a good boss.
  • How do you deal with stress?
  • ...those are just ideas!