Registration is now open!!

BarCamp Madison

BarCamp Madison is Madison's oldest unconference. What is an unconference? It's a conference where the attendees are the presenters. The schedule is decided the day of the event, and attendees are encouraged to create the conference they want to attend. BarCamp is a free event for everyone, with a goal of creating community through participation.

While BarCamps have traditionally been focused on technology and the web, BarCamp Madison has since grown to incorporate many diverse topics. Past topics include: soldering, beekeeping, civic planning, lunar mining, and more!

Who should attend?

Anyone prepared to learn something new. Presenters need not be experts nor prepare long slide decks -- in fact, some of the best talks are round-table discussions or collaborations between participants that happen spontaneously.

Rooms will have projectors and the venue will have free wifi. You should bring: your passions and interests, a laptop or cellphone, and comfortable shoes.