What is BarCamp Unplugged?

BarCamp Unplugged is a fresh take on the open-format conference where the attendees are the presenters and the whole thing takes place in nature. Attendees will be invited to bring ideas to share with the community, and the schedule will be determined by the group that shows up. We will provide food and drinks, and people will have the option to camp out overnight. Expect discussions, workshops, Q&A, summits, art classes and musical jam sessions. Presentations and events will take place primarily without power, on the beautiful slopes of Jay Loewi's Black Earth property. ABSOLUTELY NO SALES PITCHES!

What the day will look like:

From 1:00 - 2:00 PM attendees will gather to create the schedule for the day on a large grid. Anyone may write their session title on the board and choose an area and time.

Sessions will last into the evening, with a special summit presented by Madison Coworking, a new collaborative group consisting of community spaces in Madison. After the day we'll have a campfire and people will be invited to pitch tents, be social, get creative and enjoy the time away from technology.

Who's Invited?


Techies, designers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, business people, writers… you name it. Come share your ideas, skills and perspective with other change-makers in Madison.

BarCamp Explained By BarCamp Orlando

Don't be scared of speaking!

Speaking sessions are typically 45 minutes, but if 15 minutes feels better for you, then no problem! Speaking at BarCamp is not scary. It's a non-judgmental crowd that wants to hear you speak. Everyone has something to teach, and everyone wants to learn.

Talk Topic Ideas

  • What marketing works?
  • How you've failed at something and why.
  • Photography Tips
  • Your favorite movies and why.
  • What makes a good boss.
  • How do you deal with stress?
  • Ways to build a campfire
  • ...those are just ideas!